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Our Team
Courtney Keith

Courtney is an eastern Colorado native who is fresh to the image industry, with a contemporary perspective on hair and beauty. She attended cosmetology school at Stacey James Institute in Parker, CO where she found the opportunity to train in an upscale environment with incredible staff and instructors. Courtney has also been invited to work behind the scenes in several fashion shows during this time, where she discovered her passion for up-styling and experimental hairdressing.  


"I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love day in and day out, and I am excited to be continuing my career with Fleur Salon. I love all things color, blonding, styling, and cutting." 


"When I'm not behind the chair you can find me outdoors or in an art studio. Having grown up on the plains, I have a deep love for all things agriculture and nature; from keeping cattle, chickens, and ducks to camping and hiking - there is nothing I love more than being connected to beauty of the world around us. 


My favorite Denver hot spots are the Mercury Cafe, where I'll be swing dancing every Sunday night, and I'm obsessed with Jerusalem Resturaunt!  I can't wait to see you in my chair!"


IG: @courtneyxhair


Tiffany Knudsen

I have been a cosmetologist since 2004 and finished an apprenticeship program at a salon/day spa where I gained hands on and valuable experience behind the chair. Years later, in addition to being a stylist, I became an instructor for blossoming young cosmetologists.. I have an immense passion for both teaching and influencing the new comers of the beauty industry as there is an art that can't be taught. Watching the creativity and technique shine through someone is inspiring. The passion to make a person feel fantastic in how they look and feel when they leave a chair is fulfilling. If I can make a difference in one person's life, or inspire them in a positive way I am truly fulfilled. I was a nurse aide and did residents hair in nursing homes in northern Colorado which gave me the opportunity to get to know each client personally.


I love styling hair (up-dos), perms, extensions and creative hair colors. 

 I am also a mom of 3 older kids. I have a bachelor's in criminal justice. 

I am an avid concert goer and golfer. Inspired to take road trips and travel frequently outside of Colorado. Vermont is my go to destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

One beauty professional tip I always give is when blow drying hair to obtain volume at any level is to blow the hair from the root the opposite direction.

IG: @hairspiration.4


Ashton Gaultier

As a former salon owner in Parker Colorado, and a long time hairstylist, Ashton continues his professional journey in Denver Colorado.  Having worked in south beach Florida for years in a salon that serviced the fashion houses of Versace, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and GUCCI. Ashton has a sense for fashion and beauty. 
Beauty and making people look and feel beautiful is his passion.  It is through hair, makeup and fashion that we express ourselves, and Ashton loves helping people do just that.  
Quote from Ashton: 
"I enjoy finding the right precision haircut and color to enhance and  
bring out one’s inner beauty and independent style to the forefront.   
“For over half of my life, I have been perfecting my craft in hair and I specialize in color enhancements, such as high fashion colors (bright and pastels which are definitely trending now. Grey blending, all types of highlights, balayage (Invented in Paris in the 1960’s) color melts, color correction, vivid colors and all things color. 
With a chill friendly disposition, a wealth of life experience and a, “let you do YOU attitude”, Ashton is very easy to work with and welcomes helping the Non-Binary, Trans Community in finding the look you are wanting. 
Ashton's specialties include: 
All things color; Highlights, Balayage, High fashion, ALL vibrant colors, Expressive hair, Avante guard hair, Health Fitness, Wellness, Gender fluid friendly in hair and fashion advice. 

IG: @ashgautier