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Judi Brown

Judi is a Denver local who has been in the hair industry since 1998, starting as a shampoo girl and working her way up to becoming a master stylist in 2012. She has a natural approach to cutting hair, believing that working with the hair instead of against it will make her clients' lives easier outside of the salon. Being a busy mom herself, she understands the importance of looking and feeling your best before tackling the world.


Judi's creativity is evident in her "organized chaos" methods. She considers herself a hair mad scientist, formulating unique color services for her clients. While fashion colors are her favorite, she also loves creating subtle highlights, root touch-ups, and complete color transformations. Whether you want to embrace your inner unicorn or enhance your hair's natural state, Judi is up for the challenge. With her, you can expect a personalized and fun experience that will leave you feeling like a new and improved version of yourself.


If you're looking for an edgy and unique look, Judi is your go-to stylist. She believes in creating a style that reflects your personality and encourages you to step outside your comfort zone. With her friendly and adventurous personality, you can trust that she will make your hair dreams come to life. Get ready to embrace the organized chaos and let Judi unleash your inner unicorn!

IG: @ThatPlaceWithJudi


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