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Never Be Afraid Of Falling


Work, play, rinse, repeat. You get addicted to the pace, caught up in the excitement. It’s all very exhilarating until the stress starts to affect your hair. Pair your fast-lane lifestyle with environmental factors and hormonal changes, and the evidence is clear. You begin to find a trail of strands on your clothes, in the shower in your brush and everywhere else. 

Genesis is not a hair loss product.

Kérastase identified the key reasons why women experience  hair fall due to breakage from brushing.


External factors and daily stressors such as brushing, heat and over styling cause the fiber weaken. Hair breaks off in the middle, creating thinner, weaker hair overall. With breakage, the hair is still growing from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can further weaken hair.

Genesis addresses the solution to hair fall 
due to breakage from brushing.  
Our panel of 3 experts encourages women
to take a 360 degree approach 
to their hai
rcare regimen.



Hold onto your hair

What you are searching for is a beauty remedy - something with beautiful lather and fragrances, everything you’ve come to expect from your previous hair products combined with strengthening & fortifying benefits.

A hair fall due to breakage from brushing solution for a new generation


You want to solve hair fall due to breakage from brushing with a luxurious, sophisticated, holistic, science-backed system. Kérastase listened to your concerns and responded with a modern solution to a modern problem.



Work, play, rinse, repeat.
Genesis is the perfect partner for your fast-paced lifestyle
and thanks to the unique dual approach you will achieve.


97% Less Hair Fall Due to 
Breakage from Brushing*. 
More Strength. 
Less Breakage.



*System of Bain Hydra-Fortifiant + Fondant Renforçateur+ Sérum Fortifiant vs Non-Conditioning Shampoo

Nurture your hair with the Kerastase Genesis Collection at Fleur Salon, the premier hair salon in Cap Hill, Capitol Hill, and Golden Triangle, Denver. This specialized collection is designed to strengthen and fortify your hair, reducing hair fall and promoting a healthier scalp. Experience the exceptional quality and transformative results of the Kerastase Genesis Collection at Fleur Salon, where our expert stylists provide top-notch salon services and personalized recommendations for your haircare needs. Restore the vitality of your hair with Fleur Salon and the Kerastase Genesis Collection.
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