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Joshua Talavera

Embarking on a fresh chapter in Colorado, Joshua, an illustrious stylist with a decade of expertise from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, brings a treasure trove of skills in contemporary hairstyling, transformative color techniques, and exquisite extensions. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, Joshua emerged as a celebrated stylist in Studio City, where his flair and finesse made him a top choice for discerning clients.


The unforeseen twists of 2020 led Joshua to Denver, where his passion for hair artistry finds a new home at Fleur Salon. Here, Joshua believes in the power of personal connection, striving to embody each client's unique personality through their visual style. 


When not weaving magic with hair, Joshua indulges in his love for the dramatic arts. His creative brilliance has graced projects in stage, film, and television, with notable contributions to 'Pose' on FX, DragCon, and The Denver Series Fest. While he thrives amidst the industry's dynamic creativity, Joshua's heart lies in crafting a serene and enjoyable ambiance for his clients, prioritizing a relaxed and personal experience above all else.


Prepare to embark on a unique beauty adventure with Joshua at Fleur Salon, where your styling experience is not just an appointment, but a journey of transformation and self-expression.

IG: @BeautyByJoshuaT


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