Thank you for your patience with us as we have been navigating the regulations for COVID-19.  We are doing our best to communicate with you and our team, as the restrictions change.

Per government regulations, Fleur Salon is restricted to a limited number of people inside the building at one time.  In light of this, we are changing our team's schedules.  We will have 2 separate shifts of 4 stylists each, working on separate days.


We have installed UV air purifying systems which cover 3X the square footage of the salon.  Sanitation and safety are the top priorities and all members of our team have been Barbicide Certified in proper sanitation and safety protocol.



For the comfort and safety of everyone, we kindly ask that you read the following thoroughly and comply with our safely practices.


  • Please do not arrive sick, or feeling unwell. We will not be able to service anyone displaying symptoms of illness. No exceptions.


  • Please arrive wearing a face mask that loops over the ears. We will not perform services for anyone not wearing a mask. ⁣⁣No exceptions.⁣ (if you are having color services, please wear a disposable mask, or one       that you don't mind ruining with color)


  • Please arrive alone. We cannot permit any person not receiving services inside the salon under any circumstances.⁣⁣


  • Call the salon when you arrive and kindly wait in your car or outside until we notify you to come in.


  • Please sanitize your hands upon arrival. There will be hand sanitizer available near the front door.


  • You will be directed to your stylist's chair.  As we comply with limiting the distance between you and the other guests of the salon, we ask that you please stay there.


  • All services are by appointment only.  No walk-in appointments can be accommodated at this time.


  • At this time we are temporarily limiting cash payments.

      Debit and Credit preferred, please.



Fleur Salon has always loved providing the luxury salon experience for our wonderful guest, but unfortunately some of those things may be temporarily unavailable, and we apologize for that.  We hope to be back to being able to provide the fun, relaxing experience you're accustomed to.


Our Promise:


To protect the safety of everyone at Fleur Salon,⁣⁣


  • We will be wearing masks along with you at all times inside the salon.⁣⁣


  • We will have a limited number of people in the salon at a time,  and distanced accordingly.⁣⁣


  • We will sanitize all products, tools, and surfaces between each client.⁣


  • We will thoroughly wash all towels with HOT water and dried on high heat.⁣⁣


  • We will be using paper towels in the restroom instead of cloth hand towels.⁣⁣


  • We will not, under any circumstances, work if we are ill.⁣⁣


Thank you again for all of your patience and understanding through this strange and difficult time. 


   -Fleur Salon 

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